Paul Louis

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PAUL LOUIS (Co-Author, Book, Music & Lyrics) As a young adult, Paul began to write original puppet musicals, eventually becoming the resident writer/composer of children’s theater for The Shores Performing Arts Theater, in Miami Shores, FL. At age 29, he created, and wrote all of the scripts and songs for 13 episodes of his former nationally syndicated children’s puppet TV series, “Jelly Bean Jungle” (praised by President Bill Clinton as “High quality children’s programming”). It was on “Jelly Bean Jungle” where he began to collaborate with fellow puppeteer, and now writing partner, Nick Santa Maria. The team created “Blip and Blab, Language Explorers,” a nine part children’s home video ESL course. Paul has written the book, music and lyrics to over 50 children’s musicals which have been produce din professional theaters throughout the USA.

Real Men: The Musical