The Forgotten Carols

The Forgotten Carols by Michael McLean | Miracle or 2 Theatrical Licensing


Written by Michael McLean

Run Time: 2 hr
6 Principals, optional choir
Onstage Piano
Tracks Available
Set Requirements: Unit Set


A straight-laced nurse is assigned to care for an elderly patient who has a few “psychological problems;” He calls himself “Uncle John” and believes he’s been alive for 2,000 years and has actually met people from the Christmas story that have been “forgotten,” i.e. the innkeeper that turned Joseph and Mary away; the shepherd who fell asleep and missed everything and others. He’s chronicled his encounters with a collection of “forgotten carols” which he sings as he hangs the ornaments he’s collected over the centuries that accompany each unique Christmas song. If only these songs could touch the part of his nurse’s heart that she has long since forgotten. The sold out tour sells over 50,000 tickets each holiday season.

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“Three Kings Found the Lord”


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  • Heart warming and inspiring. The Forgotten Carols is a beautiful combination of story and song.

    The Los Angeles Times

  • It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry. It raises your Christmas spirit.

    The Oregonian