Bryan D. Leys

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BRIAN D. LEYS (Book & Lyrics) in addition to MURDER ON BROADWAY and BETWEEN THE LINES, Bryan and James have also collaborated on KID DAKOTA; GABRIEL, BLOW YOUR HORN; ARGENTINA RUMPUS; FORTUNE AND FATE AND COME AND GET IT, a revue about food.  Bryan has also provided book and lyrics for HELL’S BELLES; HOW TO MARRY A DIVORCED MAN; LA RIBALTA (The Spotlight); VIENNA; and YOUNG FOREVER (Michael Stewart Award winner). His musicals HOODWINKED and MIDSUMMER NGHTS have been published by Samuel French. Bryan’s plays include THE SECOND LIFE OF GIDEON FINN, A LONG NIGHT IN THE SHORT REIGH OF DIDIUS JULIANUS, THE DRAMA DEPARTMET and SHAKESPEARE IN BERMUDA.

Bryan received his BFA in Drama from SUNY-Fredonia and his MFA in playwriting and directing from The University of Connecticut. He is a member of the Dramatists Guild.

Murder on Broadway